Weeping Will Not
Save the Stars


Weeping Will Not Save the Stars resonates with a dark music. Tender and violent, prophetic and passionate, reflective and animated, the poetry of François Guerrette elevates the role of the poet to that of an oracle. With a singular lyricism, he ploughs a deep furrow into the ontological despair of modernity. Guerrette is among the most exciting new voices in poetry to emerge from Quebec.


What Makes You Happy

Laugh-out-loud funny in some places and raw or tender in others, What Makes You Happy deals with the large and small dramas of human existence. Whether remembering the confusion of a chastised child, recording backyard conversations with animals, chronicling declining physical ability or coming to terms with God, death and cruelty, Ruth Simkin’s abiding concern for justice and her infectious delight in the possible is evident in each page of this absorbing collection.

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Life Sideways

Funny, thought provoking and witty, Life Sideways is most definitely a collection of short stories for the ages. While retaining a certain French-Canadian specificity when examined closely, the volume is comprised of a series of stories that are nothing less than universal in their content, scope and appeal.

The Closed Door

In a series of alternating monologues, both halves of a couple examine close to 35 years of marriage. Years of togetherness, and of growing apart; of opening up the door to their studios, and of shutting each other out. Best known as a literary critic and one of Canada’s foremost literary translators, Lori Saint-Martin delivers an elegant and refined debut novel that explores the mystery of what connects us to each other.

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Stanzas by Governor General Award-winning poet Stephen Scobie consists largely of poems written in the traditional rhyming stanzas of the ballad tradition. But if the form is restricted, the range is wide: from artistic tributes to historical reflections, from fictional stories to family remembrance. Or: from Seneca to Bob Dylan, from old girlfriends to the Scottish Referendum. Caustic, witty, emotional: these poems show that nothing lies beyond the reach of a rhyming stanza.

Perfect Answers
to Silent Questions


Legendary poet and video artist Tom Konyves presents his long awaited new book of poems Perfect Answers to Silent Questions. A precise rendering of literary archetypes and informed perceptions, including dadaism and surrealism, found poems, photo poems, haiku and language poetry, these poems are a journey through modernity. A faithful tribute to the unsayable, the book layers the perfect answers with the lingering insistence of unsaid questions.

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Shimmer Report

Shimmer Report tells of a couple who do not fall in love so much as ascend together into love from their own dark places. He, a poet, musician, teacher; she, a visual artist and author, has also had to endure the psychiatric system. Life and love are but a shimmer—but this is a report on hard realities, as well as on flashes of colour, delight, and whimsy.

Betsi Larousse

Betsi Larousse is the surreal story of a pop diva, a sculptor and a wild-eyed adventurer who spend three days in a remote mountain cabin. Sculptor Marc Carrière is on a three-day wilderness adventure that will change his life forever. Filled with dramatic flair and brilliantly told, Betsi Larousse is a story drawn in shades of madness and humour that, according to Montreal’s La Presse, confirmed Louis Hamelin’s status as the leading Quebec writer of his generation.

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We live in a world of sensations and cursory thought, of appearances, clichés and empty gestures designed to make everything seem lighter, including love, suffering, and even death. In Fugitives, Lise Gauvin is revealed as a brilliant and original short story writer. Jonathan Kaplansky’s translation of her work is both faithful and lyrical..

Tempo Rubato

Like an intricate oriental brocade, Tempo Rubato weaves strands of culture and personal history into a fascinating celebration of music, identity and love. Caught in the echoes of past loss and the plaintive melodies of the East, Precious at last comes to terms with the present moment and the enduring nature of love.

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Little Eagle
with a White Head


Winner of the 1994 Governor General’s Award for French Fiction and the 1995 France-Québec/Jean-Hamelin Prize, Little Eagle with a White Head is a monumental novel, a philosophical essay and a poem praised by critics far and wide.

The Rising Vanish

Robinson is a sensual and alive poet deeply grounded in the natural world but given to metaphysical speculation. For Robinson, poetry is penetration to depth of experience. His poetry sings, questions, pries, and seeks to penetrate reality through surprise or metaphysical wit, and mines the difficult soil of dailiness for the joy that accrues from it.

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I Travel the World

Thierry Renard writes from where most people stop writing, or from where most will not write at all. He screams ‘I’m sorry’ when most turn around and dash out the hall upset. Renard has been dancing in hell with Rimbaud, but climbed out of that sort of jamboree because it is not where the poet is supposed to be.

Merging Dimensions

In this, Candice James’s ninth poetry book, the reader is taken on an ethereal ride through sliding and merging dimensions of soul. It is a journey within a journey encompassing love and passion; grief and despair; delight and joy; heartbreak and heartache; tension and excitement, and splashes of deja-vu.

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The Intimate Frailty
of Mortals


With the lucidity that characterizes his work, Paul Chamberland questions our connection to the earth. The Intimate Frailty of Mortals collects in English translation the titles Intime faiblesse des mortels (1997), Au seuil d’une autre terre (2003), and Comme une seule chair (2009). This book is a magnificent celebration of Chamberland's 50 years of publishing poetry.

Images of Absence

In the new book by the Greek-Canadian poet Manolis Images of Absence the microcosm and the macrocosm both blend into the simple images of everyday life that become a mystery into which the poet delves with willingness and humblenes..

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My Wife in a Chador

A Pulitzer Prize-nominated author is recruited to run for the mayoralty of New York. Coincidentally his wife who is half Arabic is mugged on the mean streets of the city and is so traumatized by the crime that she decides to return to her Islamic roots and don a ‘Chador,’ a head covering. The question becomes: can a man with an Islamic wife win the mayoralty of the city?

A Journey with the
Endless Eye


Hungarian-born poet, novelist and publisher Attila F. Balázs has written a sensuous and subtle novel that is imbued with a transcendent savagery. Casanova is the most notorious lover in history, and his story is the transformation of a man into myth, a lover of women into iconic seducer, and of flesh into history. Casanova’s Metamorphosis offers a glimpse into this complex peronality, who was both the Venetian librarian who penned Histoire de la vie and the charming seducer, both a man and a universal symbol.

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